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Greetings, Bearers!

Two days away from that yummy turkey, and already my mouth is watering!  I’m finicky about turkey-to me, it’s a dry meat, and bland.  I don’t like to have it too often, and outside of Thanksgiving I usually don’t, so when I get one cooked to a golden brown with succulent juice running down the side, all accompanied by mashed potatoes, pies, stuffing, and… well, you get the idea 😀

Anyway, things are going well on the writing front.  Getting a few more sales for Clade Josso and Old Velt here and there, and I’m considering putting up sections of Kran on the bookmato site.  I found out how it works: essentially, you can put up pieces of your work for people to read, and charge the price per chapter.  Personally, I’d rather put two chapters up at a time, as I feel that’s a better value for the reader, and will garner more interest for curious newcomers.

On the short story front, my piece for the RedAdept challenge is almost finished. The hardest thing for me to do on a short story is to keep it short: I have to keep the concepts somewhat small, otherwise I’ll end up with novellas-and that’d be fine, if I wanted novellas, but I don’t, so… well, you get the idea here too 😀

So on to writing and preparing to dine like Jaws at a pool party!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean


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