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Greetings, Bearers!

I hope the rest of your Christmas/New Year’s time was as enjoyable as mine!  On the downside, I can’t say that I did a lot of writing-matter of fact, I didn’t get to do anything at all.  Between family and travel, it was difficult to do much for myself at all, but knowing that things would be settling down in a week and a half, I didn’t sweat it too much.  Don’t fret: I’m getting back to work and getting things done :).  I’ve finished a short story and will be re-visiting it for editing, have started another short story, and am diligently pushing forward with The Summoning of Kran.

I also want to throw out a quick shout of thanks for those of you who made purchases of The Summoning of Clade Josso and The Summoning of Old VeltAs always, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them, and I plan to deliver the next book in the Vein series with as much adventure, excitement, and terror as I did with the first two.  Spread the word about the Vein!

Right now, we of the University of Michigan faithful are sitting on pins and needles, waiting for the selection of the next football coach.  I liked Rich Rodriguez: I really did.  I was hoping to see a season like West Virginia’s last season with him manifest itself in the Big House.  Alas, when you ignore your defense and let it stagnate and regress into the pathetic joke that it is now, you end up losing your job.  Too bad, really.   But I’m sure that wherever he goes, he’ll do well.

Between you, me, and God, I’m hoping for Les Miles.  Harbaugh would be nice, but not likely; the NFL’s siren song is calling him.  I’ve researched Brady Hoke, and while I think Hoke is solid and would get us winning seasons, I don’t see him as being a 12-0 coach for the Wolverines (of course, I’d be happy to be wrong about it).  I don’t know who else Dave Brandon is looking at for a replacement, but those are the three top dogs being mentioned.  Frankly, all I care about is that whoever comes to coach is a winner, plain and simple.  I don’t necessarily need a “Michigan man,” I need a good coach who can bring winning to the Wolverines: that’s it, plain and simple.

So, in the meantime, while I and other maize and blue fans pace the floor, awaiting the coming of our great football knight in shining armor, the rest of you enjoy reading and living!  More to come!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

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