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Greetings, Bearers!

What a great day it is!  The rain has stopped and the sun is shining.  Anything that smacks of warm temperature is enough to put a smile on my face!

I’ve recently learned that The Summoning of Clade Josso and The Summoning of Old Velt will be featured in an online book club courtesy of Ms. Ceri Clark who resides across the pond in England (Thank you again, Ms. Clark!  And congrats on the wedding today, partly because this one didn’t interfere with my morning cartoons!  I’m still a bit traumatized by that other wedding incident with Di and Charles taking the place of the Superfriends, but I’m getting over it… mostly…).  Anyway, check out THIS LINK and scroll down to September of 2012.  Any of you who are in that book club are welcome to drop me a line with any questions or thoughts!

So, despite my desire to do the jitterbug of joy for the rest of the afternoon, it is back to work, as well as back to prayers for those who lost so much down south due to the tornado outbreak.  If you’re down there and reading this, know that I am keeping you in prayer, and look to help in other possible ways as well.

The weekend comes.  I might be trying out arena football; that’s how desperate I am to see a flying pigskin.

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean


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