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Greetings, Bearers!

In between my writing, I took time to notice this article about Jim Tressel featured by Sports Illustrated, after hearing about “The Vest’s” resignation from Ohio State.  The article was very interesting, and sadly very enlightening; even as a die-hard Michigan football fan and Michigan alumni, I had great respect for Tressel (despite wanting to beat him on the gridiron).  Now, it comes out that Tressel really did play the part of a hypocrite-and I don’t say that maliciously.  The man did not practice what he preached, and that’s sad and embarrassing.  Tressel professed Christianity, and while we Christians still struggle with sin, we need to be mindful of our testimony, and how we appear before an unbelieving world. 

Looks like Tressel didn’t think about that part of it.

People have been asking me whether or not I’m happy about it.  I’ve replied that I’m satisfied that justice was served but that I’m not gleeful or emotionally enraptured with the whole thing.  Justice is a good thing; vindictive emotion is not.  I say that because I know that I’ve not been nailed for every wrong thing I’ve done in my life, but I know that I deserve to be.  So, while it’s good to see consequences, it’s not something I get any giddiness from. 

Moving on, my short story (The one I posted an excerpt from a few posts back) is almost complete, and I intend to put together my first collection here in the next couple of weeks, although when it will be completed and posted depends on whether or not I can keep working without interruption (Mental note: simultaneous TV, radio, and writing doesn’t work).  And The Summoning of Kran is going well, although I need to be a bit more consistent with it as well.

So back to being consistent!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean


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