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Greetings, Bearers!

And to finish the thought above, the best day is getting a good amount of writing done!  Time and situations have permitted me to get cracking on my works, and I’ve been happily kicking butt!  Four pages a day for writing is REALLY good, especially when you’ve got a day job to tend to as well.  The best part about it is that this is going to be carrying on for me for at least a few more weeks, so believe me when I say that I’ll be taking as much advantage of it as possible.

Before I get back to doing more writing (I have to be careful about the Internet: it can be a real distraction for me.  Football replays, anybody?), let me give a shout out to the newest members of the Vein audience.  Those of you who have given my works a try, thank you VERY much, and feel free to give me feedback any time: good, bad, and include a good recipie for a beef dish. 🙂

So back I go to writing.  I’ll have more to say at the end of this week.  I’m going to be a little more busy than I’d prefer to be, but once this weekend is past I can sit back and say  “ahhhhh”.  Or better yet, sit back and say “Go blue!”


See you in the Vein!

J. Dean



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