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Greetings, Bearers!

I’m in between work right now.  Helping Mrs. J. Dean out with some work at her place (Well… actually, I’m just keeping her company.  Not much I can do for her that’s hands-on, except distract her by trying to be cute and romantic, and that’s not a good thing to do to a working woman.  Not if you don’t want your fingers broken, at least…).

I wanted to throw out a few comments about Joe Pa and the whole mess at Penn State.  As a football fan, it’s been both fascinating and sad to follow the stories of Paterno and Tressel, seeing their downfalls like this.  While I’m a Wolverine fan and relish beating both the Nittany (Nifty) Lions and the Buckeyes on the field, I don’t take any sort of personal pleasure in either situation, so if you’re a fan of either of these schools, you have my sympathies right now.  This is a mud dragging for your programs, and I don’t wish that on anybody, no matter how much of a rival he or she may be.

The thing that’s most interesting is how one incident in the lives of both of these men has wiped out years (or, in Paterno’s case, multiple decades) of an otherwise solid reputation.  Both of these men garnered personal respect, even outside of their own programs and schools, and had a reputation for being men of staunch character and trustworthy ethics.  But now, all of that has been erased.  I guess the words one of my youth ministers stated many years ago to us in a chapel meeting still hold true: It takes thirty years to build a reputation; it takes thirty seconds to destroy one.

There’s a lesson there, one I don’t need to spell out, and I hope that all of us take it to heart.

In the meantime, while I await the completion of the cover for my short story collection, please continue to enjoy my works, and spread the word about them.  I’ve been encountering new readers here and there, and if you are a new reader, I encourage you to drop me a line letting me know what you think about the stories.  I love hearing from readers, so don’t be bashful!  Write me!

See you in the Vein

J. Dean




  1. I’ve also been interested watching this story this week and one thought has been stuck in my mind: the danger of the bare minimum.

    Joe made a comment both to the grand jury and the press this week that when he found out about the situation he reported it to the school’s AD. From a legal perspective he did what he needed to do. But there is also a moral obligation. If I had found out that any man that I know had done anything like that to a child, notifying the police would be the least concern they would have as it would take ever ounce of restraint to not end up in cuffs myself.

    People say that the only reason this is such a big deal is because of his iconic status. I say the fact that society doesn’t hold the same outrage for ever person who fails to act on abuses of children shows the real problem with people today. It’s not always about doing the appropriate thing…it’s about doing the right thing.

    • I agree completely. Whether it’s a politician, a priest, an entertainer, or a policeman doing wrong, they need to be held accountable for what they have done, and the fact that society makes exceptions for people because they have a celebrity status doesn’t make it any easier for law enforcers to do their job.

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