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Greetings, Bearers!

Here’s another little entry from the Vein Omnibus, this one dealing with a character found from time to time in the stories.  Read and enjoy!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

Chancecaster-a person who deals in fortune-telling and magic, and/or one who indulges in small time street gambling, usually attempting to connect the two through games. Most spiritual chancecasters are recognized as phony charlatans, and as such are avoided by all but the most curious about unorthodox spiritual matters; however, on occasion a chancecaster can be found who claims to have a legitimate connection to spiritual things, and engages in actions classified as either truly connected to magic by the most ardent of believers, or as carefully executed parlor tricks by the most skeptical critics.

It is in gambling that most chancecasters make their living, and finding a chancecaster who dabbles in both magic and gambling is not uncommon, although a very small percentage of them (usually those most skilled in their area of concentration) practice only one or the other. Chancecasters who rely upon gambling for their living are very good at their sleight of hand tricks in street games, both in prepared games known by all as well as improvising contests on the spot (like, for example, challenging a passerby to gamble whether or not the chancecaster can successfully guess the passerby’s occupation or weight).

The ability of a chancecaster to earn a good income depends upon his/her skill in the chosen area(s) of work, as well as the opulence or poverty of a area in which they live. Many barely earn enough to survive, and a good number of beings use chancecasting as an activity to engage in while between jobs. Some, however, are skilled enough to maintain a comfortable but frugal lifestyle. A small number of chancecasters are proficient enough at their crafts to bring in a sizable income, thus permitting them to live as one of the upper members of their society.

It was through a chancecaster’s incantation that Clade Josso learned that his sister Trecil survived in the afterlife.

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