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Greetings, Bearers!

I’m in the middle of doing much, so I cannot unfortunately spend too much time on this post, but I wanted to drop a couple of inspirational tidbits for you from two of my favorite authors.

The first one comes from the guy who made me say “I wanna write like that!”  Mr. Stephen King,  who has perhaps one of the best prose styles I’ve ever seen.  Here he’s giving a little advice about writing.  Even if you’re not a horror fan, but you aspire to be good at writing, I highly recommend picking up at least one Stephen King book and reading through it.  The man can make you envision anything, and he’s got a real gift for literature.

The other comes from my other favorite, Ray Bradbury.  He’s great, with economical use of words and word pictures that are as imaginative as they are unconventional.  Again: he is a must-have for the literary fan.  I personally recommend Fahrenheit 451 or, for something a little darker, Something Wicked This Way Comes; or if you prefer stories lesser in length, pick up any one of his short story collections.

These men know what it is to be good writers, not simply because of their fame and fortune, but because they know how to write, they love writing, and they share the joy they get with every reader willing to jump into the alphabet soup they stir with their imaginations!

Enjoy, and see you in the Vein!

J. Dean


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