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Greetings, Bearers!

And so the fun begins!  The NFL Draft is underway, and our teams are loading up!  So far, my family seems to be pleased with our picks.  My Packers chose Nick Perry, which was a good selection.  The kid looks like he can handle the defensive end slot pretty well.  My son the Bears fan was happy with the pick of Shea McClellin, but he’d like to see Lovie and the boys get a good tight end for the team.  Yes, I am a Packers fan, and my son is a Bears fan.  Those of you who know NFL stuff are probably wondering how we get along.

You think that’s bad?  Try this-my wife is a Lions fan!  To be fair, she’s not exclusively a Lions fan: she’s got soft spots for pretty much every team outside of a couple I won’t list to reveal her football prejudices here (You should have heard her and I feeling sorry for the Indianapolis Colt radio broadcasting duo last year.  They were the unofficial spokesmen for Prozac, I think).  She liked their acquisition of Riley Reiff.  Speaking for myself, I would have thought that Schwarz would have been chomping at the bit for some better secondary personnel a little sooner.  But hey, I’m not the coach…. and I want Green Bay to win the division! 😀

That all being said, we don’t take pro football as seriously as college, so we’re pretty good sports about winning and losing to each other at the NFL level.  And we’re all Wolverines  here, so there’s never a problem with that.  Of course, if either of my children turn out fans of those schools in East Lansing or in Columbus, I might have to write them out of the will (I’m kidding… maybe).  For the record, my daughter isn’t that big into football or sports in general (although she knows a bit about it, and gives the nod to Seattle whenever she does get the urge to cheer… who knows, maybe Matt Flynn will make them better).

But all talk aside, it’s only a game.  We love it, experience it when we can, and miss it in the off season, but it is just a game.  We take it for what it is and remember that there is plenty more on this earth that God intends for us to pay attention to besides football.

But for now… we’re gonna enjoy it! 😉

Anyway.. dinner… I choose pizza.  So there.

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean


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