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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Greetings, Bearers!

Finally!  I get a chance to share some more with you from the Vein Omnibus!  This is an upcoming term from my fourth novel, The Summoning of Bherta Zakoti, which is well on its way to being written!

I have to apologize for not putting up anything in the last few weeks; school has started, meaning my attention has been diverted from my writing more than I would prefer.  But I assure you that The Summoning of Kran and Alternate Endings have not been forgotten, and I am continuing work on these two in order to have them ready for you soon!  Having a lot of things to work on is a good problem, so long as the time to work is available 😀 

So enjoy this entry, and I’ll dive back under to get writing!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

Ghen-Elleha-According to the traditions of some Sect Lodges, the Ghen-Elleha are a non-corporeal race of spirit beings believed by some to be created by, and servants of, Balys-Crahly during The All’s time prior to imprisonment by the Blindmen.  

Descriptions of the Ghen-Elleha are varied.  Some texts describe them as beings “composed from a glorious light,” while others mention a member of the Ghen-Elleha as having the appearance of a “magnificent and dreadful beast unlike any beast ever before seen.”  A third passage depicts them as assuming the identities of one of the Seven Races in order to do business with corporeal beings in order to further the will of Balys-Crahly.  There is even an implication in another line of text that the Ghen-Elleha have inhabited the body of a female Cyrconi for the purpose of empowering her with supernatural speed in order to outrun an advancing army and alert her city of the impending attack, although this is understood to be a parable, and therefore not a literal account 

 Because the details about the Ghen-Elleha’s existence are sketchy and disputable at best, many Sect members dispute that these beings truly exist.  This is due in part to the fact that there is little consistency with regard to description of the creatures, as well as noting that the language used in the Scrolls concerning them is interpreted by many to be nothing more than figurative in substance, suggesting that the Ghen-Elleha are little more than imaginary literary devices used for the purpose of allegorical illustration.  However, while the majority of Sect Lodges hold to this point of view, various minorities of Sect members maintain that the Ghen-Elleha are in fact real beings that actually exist, citing a couple of questionable passages that might be interpreted as definitive assertions that the Ghen-Elleha do in fact exist.  As such, debates over the topic are not infrequent, and while Sect members embracing belief in the Ghen-Elleha are not considered heretical, their unbelieving companions often look upon them with pity and disdain.