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Greetings, Bearers!

As a little introduction to the New Year for you, I’d like to introduce you to the city of Mota, the setting for a portion of the first novel, The Summoning of Clade Josso.  Enjoy the details about the city, particularly if you’ve never read my first novel.

Alright, back to more work!

See you in the Vein!
J. Dean

MotaA city located in the northern region of the Meridian just beyond the circuit of the outermost Cloud Specter, and entered into by the Bearer Clade Josso.  Originally founded by the Cyrconi, Mota is enclosed inside a circular wall, accessible only by a main gate on the north.  No particular individual or group controls the gate, as the citizens of Mota are aware of their isolation and have little to fear from newcomers, so the gate may be opened or closed by anybody in need of using it.  However, the gate is monitored quite frequently by both Sect and Order members, and new arrivals are watched with suspicion and interest; an arrangement which can make it difficult for Bearers to maintain anonymity.

Mota’s layout is rather unusual.  The main street of the city is actually an outer road that runs along the outer wall, and various alleys and side streets branch off from that road into the city, set in irregular and asymmetrical patterns.  The buildings are fashioned from a cement-like material, and many have odd designs, such as buildings that appear to be staggered blocks stacked atop each other, or even structures that tilt and lean, as if sinking into the ground. The reasons for these architectural anomalies are unknown, nor is it clear whether or not such anomalies accompanied the building of Mota, or if the unusual architecture was the result of some cataclysmic event that occurred during the Sect-Blindmen War.  

Mota’s technology level is primitive.  The inhabitants rely upon torches and oil lamps for illumination at night, and transportation comes by ha-bears (single rider or carriage drawn) or on foot.  Some work in agriculture, tending to a large field just outside of the city, while many others try to earn a living by taking on trades they used in their first lives.  Currency comes in the form of copper coins, a system found occasionally in the Meridian, but many inhabitants, realizing the futility of money in the Meridian, operate on a bartering system, trading service or product for food.  

As with most other cities in the Meridian, the Order and Sect in Mota operate in a sort of “Cold War” system against each other.  While open conflict is rare, each side keeps surveillance on the other, and both are ready to act should a Bearer come to the city, although any combat rarely involves more than a handful of members from each side.   

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