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Greetings, Bearers!

Well, your old author friend has done it again: used a word without knowing what it means. I’m a bit embarrassed right now about it, too.

For quite some time I’ve been using the word “Omnibus” to refer to the glossary of terms, people, and places found in the Vein series.  Well, after a bit of research and a bit of foolishness on my part, I’ve come to see the light.  What I’m putting together is not an “omnibus” (which is basically a full collection of separate novels, like Stephen King’s The Green Mile) but a “compendium,” a guide to the world I’m constructing that helps you, my dear Readers, to know what is what.

So I’m a bit of an idiot.  Feel free to line up in order to smack me 😀

Anyway, here’s another entry for the Compendium, a little place found in Mota called the Pellward.  It’s a cozy place used in The Summoning of Clade Josso, and I’m sure we’ll be coming back to visit it again in the future.  Check it out and enjoy!

Oh, before I go-I’m getting ready to finish up a pair of short stories that I intend to release for 99 cents for my readers.  I plan on getting those out as soon as I can.  One of the stories had an excerpt placed here on the blogsite (For now I’m using the title “The Mob,” although I’m more than willing to change it if something better hits me in the brain).   The other… well, that’s a little more under raps 😀

So enjoy this entry while I go back to the multiple worlds and say hi to all of my characters before they die of lonliness!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

The Pellward-The Pellward is a popular tavern found within the city of Mota, and is used by many of the inhabitants as a place to congregate after the fulfillment of a day’s work.  Sculpted from a single, massive boulder of granite, the Pellward is a tri-level building, with each level shaped into a massive rectangular form adjoined to the others in an asymmetrical manner, giving the first impression to a visitor that the Pellward is composed of three box-shaped compartments precariously stacked and ready to fall over at a moment’s notice.  However, contrary to appearances, the edifice is quite sound and durable, having survived the Sect-Blindmen war which was not so fortunate and merciful to other cities or buildings.

The interior of the Pellward is warm and inviting.  Sturdy furniture fashioned from various woods and cushioned with stuffed hand-sewn linens is found in the form of tables, chairs, and booths.  Stools crowd the long, wooden bar and kitchen area found on the far side of the first floor opposite the entrance, and a dumbwaiter tucked in a nearby corner that runs through all three floors provides an easy way to transport food and drink orders up to the upper two floors.  The kitchen oven, powered by a steady use of wood and other combustable materials, doubles as the source of heat, as metal pipes run from the oven and trace walls and ceilings throughout the tavern, keeping the cold Mota nights outside.

Musical instruments of strings and winds can be found along with a keyboard-style music maker that sticks from time to time in the upper register, and patrons are more than welcome to try their hand at making melodies, drawing from the old songs of their first lives composed in their native Worlds, or putting together new pieces in order to show off whatever talent they may have brought with them into this intermediary afterlife.  Of course, to play poorly before a rough and drunk audience is a danger, and the waitstaff of the Pellward assume no responsibility for whatever violence may ensue from wrong notes mashed together with poor rhythms.

The primary purpose for attending the Pellward is for the consumption of brew, which maintains its ability in the Meridian to dull the minds with its alcoholic intoxication despite the drink itself retaining none of its hearty flavor as found on the Seven Worlds in its true form.  In addition, the Pellward serves a small assortment of food dishes, comprised mostly of ha-bear meat and field vegetables grown from the local farmlands.  As with other commerce in Mota and in some other parts of the Meridian, the Pellward servers accept the copper coinage used by the city inhabitants.

Although the Pellward does not carry a reputation for being a hotbed of altercations, Brawls do happen from time to time, most often due to one or two fellows having a few brews too many and jostling into each other the wrong way.  Up to this point, there has been no open fight between Order subordinates and Sect brethren in the Pellward, though more than once animosity has been expressed between these two groups through verbal hostility in times past.

The identity of the current proprietor of the Pellward is unknown.  The tavern has gone through many owners since the days of the War (in contrast to several other Meridian establishments which have had little or no turnover in ownership).  More than once, foul play has been suspected in a few of the exchanges of possession, as past proprietors have been found dead through suspicious and questionable means.  However, as there is no law enforcement per se in Mota, rarely are investigations undertaken, and those that are come about as a result of individual curiosities and suspicions, usually with tragic results.

It is in the Pellward where Clade Josso is taken by Radha, and where he meets Alha and Meru.  In passing, Clade also encounters Vord Passa, who at the time does not regard the young Cyrconi with interest, which is (according to some) due in part to the fact that the old Cyrconi military leader (by then an Order Head) had imbibed an excessive amount of brew.


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