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Greetings again, Bearers!

I’m on a writing streak today!  Here is another entry from the Vein Compendium!  Enjoy!

The Control-The Control is a source of power that has been imprisoned along with Balys-Crahly after the Sect-Blindmen War, and is promised to one of the Seven Bearers as a reward for releasing Balys-Crahly, thus granting the Bearer obtaining it nearly anything he or she could ask for in the form of a single wish or desire.

The exact composition and nature of the Control is unknown, as even Sect members claim ignorance upon this point, though speculations abound.  One school of Sect thought proposes that the Control is a “super-Artifact” of some sort containing a portion of Balys-Crahly’s power that was somehow separated from the great deity during imprisonment.  Others believe it is in fact the sum of the seven Artifacts brought by the Bearers which, upon all Seven Bearers entering the Vein, must be combined at some point in order to summon the necessary power.  A third, more obscure school of speculation theorizes that the Control is in fact a portion of the spirit of Balys-Crahly, awaiting to be reunited with the whole of The All when the Seven free the deity, in the process arbitrarily bestowing the gift of power for one use.

Despite the disagreement among the Sects as to the particulars of the Control, there is complete unanimity within the Brethren, as reinforced by the writings contained within their sacred Scrolls, that the Control does in fact exist, and that it awaits one of the Seven Bearers.  Passages clearly depicting this foretelling of passing the power on to one of the Seven are recited over and over, and claims that Balys-Crahly repeats this promise of power intended for a Bearer to the Sect members in the nightly meditations is attested to as well.  It is considered a serious and nearly personal offense for a Bearer to suggest to a Sect member that the existence of the Control is untrue, and more than one Bearer has been angrily rebuked for this display of a lack of faith.

Though the full extent of the Control’s potential is not specifically known, its power is not completely limitless.  For example, the Control cannot turn a Bearer into a deity, nor can the Control be used for the purpose of a worldwide catastrophe such as destroying an entire planet.  Sect members have had to deal this truth out to less-than-virtuous Bearers with nefarious plans for the Control, reminding them that Balys-Crahly will not permit the Control to be used in such a way as to alter the future balance that will be brought about in the Seven Worlds by the release of the All.  Despite this, some Bearers have continued on, disregarding the warnings set forth about the limitations of the Control, and as the Sect members have no choice but to accompany the Bearers to the Vein, they do so with little more argument, if any, realizing that the Bearer will be in for a rude awakening should he or she be fortunate enough to receive the Control and attempt to use it in a way other than proscribed by the All.  However, despite these known limitations, it is still understood by the Sect that the Control is indeed an object of considerable power, and can still bring about–within the limits mentioned–the desire of the Bearer able to obtain it.

Because of its assignment to only a single Bearer, the Control cannot be used by any Being who enters the Meridian through the making of a Pact (though the Pact-Makers intentionally and directly lie to those with whom they make Pacts concerning this point).  As a result, neither Sect nor Order members can receive any direct personal benefit from the Control.  Nevertheless the Order members are deluded into believing that this is simply a lie propagated by the Sect in order to prevent them from seizing power in the Meridian, and despite multiple attempts by the Sect members to persuade them otherwise, the Order Heads still believe that apprehending a Bearer and that Bearer’s Artifact will permit them access to the Control. 


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