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Greetings, Bearers!

And yet another one of my creatures makes its way into the Compendium.  Meet the Bounder!  This one is one of my favorites, and one that I might be introducing a little more of in later books.  And as for the question about drawing my creatures… I would WELCOME anybody interested in trying their hand at artwork for these creatures.  If you have one you’d like me to see, please let me know!  Heaven knows my artistic ability regarding pictures is…. well… let’s just say that I’ll leave it up to the experts 😀

So here it is, and send me in your ideas of what the Bounder looks like!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

Bounders-Bounders are a race of bipedal creatures that inhabit the Meridian, and are found primarily in areas near mountains, canyons, and other areas with extreme discrepancies in landmass altitudes, where they can be seen commonly at night.  Possessing a muscular, hunched over physical appearance that has both humanoid and simian traits, They can measure anywhere from two to two-and-a-half paces (6 to 8 feet) tall.  Their exterior is described as that of a smooth and shiny black skin, but beyond this little is known about their appearance as they are nocturnal creatures and have not been observed during the daytime, either living or dead, which has caused some to speculate that Bounders do not leave their dead outside.  The only other feature immediately noticeable concerning Bounders is that of their solid white eyes which are devoid of pupils and are said to glow, giving the beast an unsettling and disturbing appearance.


The most notorious trait concerning Bounders is that of their ability to leap great distances due to their extremely powerful legs.  Fully mature Bounders have been observed leaping distances of at least forty paces while rising at least half that distance in the process.  While this is the primary method used by the creatures to move, Bounders have also been observed moving on hands and legs together while upright, similar to a gorilla in motion, and although this alternate mode does not afford the Bounder the same speed in covering distances, the creatures nevertheless can quickly cover ground in this secondary manner, able to outrun even a sprinting long-legged Talusibat.  In addition, Bounders have a natural stealth ability with regard to noise, as they make little sound, if any, while moving through the Meridian with either method.


This last trait of stealth combined with an aggressive disposition and a voracious appetite makes Bounders one of the most dangerous creatures to encounter in the Meridian.  At sunset, Bounders emerge and begin to leap across the immediate area in search of food, which may include anything from a herd of ha-bears to any hapless traveling Being who has the misfortune of finding himself in the territory of the vicious predators at night.  A Bounder’s preferred method of attack is to leap upon its victim from as far a distance as possible and crash down upon their prey.  Once the victim is knocked down, the Bounder then extends its mouth, which is attached to a thick appendage protruding from its chest, bites into the victim, and immediately leaps off toward its burrow, taking its prey with it.  So strong and quick are the Bounders that witnesses have claimed the creatures pounce upon and carry off half a dozen Beings before the survivors realize what has happened.


Should a Bounder land upon a creature too large for it to carry off, it will pin the victim down with its body and begin to ravenously rip flesh from the prey, its mouth snapping out and back with chunks of meat.  Because of this, Bounders are not afraid to attack creatures even as large as a rested maw eel (though such attacks are rare and only occur if Bounders have been deprived of food for an extended period of time). During such feedings, it is not unusual to see other Bounders join the first in its meal, and although cannibalism is not a common trait, it is not unheard of for Bounders to fight over food with one killing and eating another in the process.


During the day, Bounders conceal themselves by hiding in sand burrows, buried and out of sight.  Even then, caution must be taken by any who pass by these burrows, as the Bounders are extremely sensitive to any vibrations caused by pedestrians, and will attack and pull into their burrow anyone or anything foolish enough to tread directly upon a sand burrow.  It is unknown whether Bounders find and use these natural pockets of sand or whether they somehow create the burrow themselves through digging, but the general belief is the latter.


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