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Greetings, Bearers!

Taking another break from writing again (Honestly, I am taking time to write, promise!) to share something that made the night for me and my son.  Here are pics taken with Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner of Michigan, done at at the M Dean last night.  Also at the M Den were Jordan Kovacs, Marcus Ray, and Mike Martin.  Being the football fans we are, and seeing as how that pic you’re looking at with Denard giving my son a quick hand slap geeked him out for the rest of his life, I had to share this with everybody.

Connor with Denard IMG_0146

All this to say that bringing joy to a kid’s face, and especially the face of your own children, is a wonderful thing to do.

And yes, that is me on the right (viewer’s left) of Devin Gardner.  Not too pretty, as you can tell.  One of the reasons why you don’t see many pics of me on this site.  I hate pics of myself.

So enjoy the pics while I contemplate adding NCAA Football 14 to my list of things to get in the near future!

See you in the Vein!

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