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Greetings, Bearers!

First, a shout out to the recent converts to the Vein series, who have obtained my works!  A big thank-you to all of you fans, both new and old! I hope you enjoy what you’ve been reading so far, and look forward to hearing from you!  Enjoy the stories and spread the word!

And now… for something a little different.  In-between the time spent writing the Vein novels and Surrealities short stories and Hutch Sheridan detective stories and even some non-fiction things, I’ve gotten an idea for a short fan fic piece, one that shouldn’t take very long to write.  This one won’t be put up on Smashwords or Amazon; only put up here later on as a pdf attachment to read for your enjoyment.  It’s in the stages of infancy right now, and in part you can thank my kids for it, as they’ve discovered a scifi show that’s quite iconic and enjoyable–for them and me.

I’m going to go now.  If you’re curious about it, look below my signature… and let your mind wander 😀

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

Heart of gold, in goodness be bold

Hold fast to the right and the true

Lest your soul be sold, and a tattle be told

And the Keeper one night comes for you


-A Gallifreyan bedtime rhyme


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