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Greetings, Bearers!
Part three for you.  A little shorter than the others, but part four will be a bit more for you to read.  Enjoy!


“Touch down,” the Paladin murmured, adjusting a large, golden dial.  The central column’s hum faded into silence.

The Librarian turned to the Monitor.  “Did you reactivate the Time Lock, my lord?”

“Doing so as you speak,” the younger man answered gruffly.  The cylindrical object he had earlier extracted was now protruding from a port mounted into the exterior wall.  The Monitor’s fingers played with small controls on the cylinder’s posterior while he watched a small display.  “I hope for all our sakes that nothing happens to my quantum screwdriver,” he announced, “otherwise we’ll be encased in here for the remainder of whatever time remains in the universe.”

“Perhaps even longer,” the Librarian added with a chuckle.

“Levity is a poor attempt to quell my ire, old man,” the Monitor replied, withdrawing his screwdriver.  “And now that the Paladin has informed us of our successful landing, you can ease my ill temper by explaining to me where we are and what we are doing.”

“Yes, my lord, a moment please.  Atmosphere, Paladin?”

“Oxygen-prevalent, little difference between this place and standard Gallifreyan atmosphere.  No perceived hazards.”

“Very good.  I trust that you’ll be arming yourself, my child?”

She walked to the locker and removed a silver rifle, pausing to pose with it as she smiled at the hairless, red-robed Gallifreyan.  “Wouldn’t have it any other way,” she answered.  “For your own safety, I’ll ask you two to stay behind me as we exit the TARDIS.”

“I’m not as defenseless as you may perceive, Paladin,” the Monitor replied, holding up his screwdriver.

The woman bit her lip and shut her eyes, as if biting back an angry retort. “I’ll keep that in mind, my lord, and I’ll appreciate your help should the situation require it,” she said after a silent moment.  “But as I am specifically trained for combat, unlike either of you, and since I retain the rank of Chief Protectorate for the Librarian, I take primary responsibility for the safety of what appears to be the last four Gallifreyans in existence.  Therefore, I would politely ask you, my lord, to permit me to carry out my duties without hindrance.”

The Monitor gave the Paladin a suspicious glare, then turned to his male companion, who in turn waved a hand at him.  “Let her do her job, my lord,” the Librarian murmured.  The Monitor blew an impatient blast of air through his nostrils, then made an impatient, dismissing gesture at the warrior, following behind her as she stepped through the opening doors.


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