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(Do I sound excited, or what? 😀 )

And now the moment you were all waiting for, the moment that you, my precious and patient readers have been told about for a good long while. The moment that has taken many days, many hours, and many fatigued fingers worn away by typing, editing, re-editing, RE-RE-editing, and buffalo wings (gotta eat sometime!).

After all this time, I proudly present to you The Summoning of Kran: The Third Descent Into the Vein!!!! Now available HERE on, and HERE on The barnes and noble link is not yet available, but if you own a nook you can still utilize the Smashwords website for the book.

A special thanks goes out to Mickey Goins, an associate of mine from the Tombs of Kobol website, who helped me out in a pinch to get this going. He did a heck of a job, and has my eternal gratitude… and his choice of liquid refreshment should the opportunity for the two of us to meet face-to-face ever come about 🙂 Thanks again, Mickey.

So to my readers out there, no more waiting!! Get on out there and get your copy! Let’s continue on with the adventures in the Vein! I hope you enjoy this long labor of love I have undertaken. Let me know what you think!!!

And now, I sit back and breathe…. for three seconds…

See you in the Vein!
J. Dean


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