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Greetings, Bearers,

Unfortunately, I come on a somewhat sad note this day. Actor Leonard Nimoy, famous for his portrayal of the original Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, died today. He was 83.

If you’re into any sort of good science fiction at all, chances are you have Star Trek to thank for this. It was one of the greatest sf shows in existence, and I still run to Gene Roddenberry’s masterpiece as a source of inspiration and influence. A great deal of the charm and attraction came from the emotionless Mr. Spock, played masterfully by Nimoy, who himself had a significant degree of contribution to the character. He was, indeed, a character who, although he had no emotion, nevertheless had great depth as a character.

He will be greatly missed. He was–IS–Mr. Spock.

See you in the Vein,

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