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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Greetings, Bearers!

So I’ve been planning on getting things ready for at least two potential releases, and then it happened.

My mouse died.

I have a Mac. I have used a Mac wireless mouse that came with that Mac for not quite four years. I loved that mouse.

And then it died on me. 😦

And while I do know how to do some key commands, I didn’t know all of them, which added to my frustration. PLUS… on top of that, I’ve been going back to school (I’m also a teacher, for those who didn’t know) in order to get ready, which has also been an obstacle to my writing and editing.

Soooooo… finally today I get a new mouse. With a USB cord. Maybe I’ll get myself another wireless mouse in the future, but to now, I’m fine with being tied down (literally) to the computer like this. Not like I need to type from the other side of the room or anything, not yet at least.

And, I can finally show off my profile HERE on the RadCon site, under the “Rising Author Guest of Honor”. I’m quite pleased, and will be there on Saturday and Sunday, on the dates indicated. Count me as happy.

BTW, if my picture happens to break your screen, you have my sympathies 😉

So anyway, I’ll get back to the work, get back to hoping my Michigan Wolverines keep improving (that game against Utah was good, but I don’t just want “good,” I want wins in khakis). Keep an eye out for more information!

And once again, a heartfelt thank you to recent purchasers of my books and stories. If you like what you’ve read, tell somebody else about it!

Okay, back to work, and back to my mouse. With a USB cord. Batteries not included.

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean