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Monthly Archives: March 2016


(From left to Right:Chad, my son Connor, Dragon Dronet, and Yours Truly)

Greetings, Bearers!

As promised, I am now going to deliver a summary of my time at RadCon, during which time I will explain the details of the picture above.

In a nutshell, RadCon was a blast!  I spent President’s Day weekend there, working and resting in the luxurious Red Lion Inn in Pasco, Washington.  During that time, I got to witness firsthand some of the most incredible and detailed cosplay costume designs put together by fans of science fiction and fantasy.  While I know that some of the costumes were bought, others were clearly put together from innovative, homemade ideas and work, and I saw everything from Firefly (double thumbs up on the Redcoat outfits!) to furrys (which, I have to admit, make me a bit…. uneasy).  The interactions with the fans was wonderful, as the people I talked to were warm and friendly, and if you were one of the people I talked to during RadCon, I want to say that it was a pleasure meeting you!

I also met some great authors and scriptwriters who have put together awesome works, and have to admit that many of these men and women are probably skilled enough to write circles around me.  But it was great to pick their brains and engage in professional conversations with each and every one of them.  It’s my intention to put a list of these people up in the near future for your perusal, as the ideas and imaginations of many of these fine authors deserves to be seen and heard by lovers of great writing.

Which brings me to the picture at the top of my post.

The two fellows in the picture (excluding me and my son Conman) are Dragon Dronet and his pal Chad.  Dragon Dronet is somebody who has done extensive behind-the-scenes work on a great many movies and television shows, including the current Star Wars movies coming out.  The man is amazing.  His work involves the designing of armor and weapons, as well as having the honor of standing in as body double for Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf) from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  He is a trained martial artist and saxophone player as well.  In short, the guy is an all-around Renaissance Man, and it was the distinct privilege of me and my son to have an audience with him for the better part of two hours.  He was very engaging, very informative, and very friendly (as was his pal Chad, who from what I understand is also a phenomenal martial artist, and the talk of martial arts has been pushing me to get back into it again…).  Even offered us some very good chocolate chip cookies, packed for him courtesy of his friend’s wife for the trip!  Anyway, if you get a chance, check out Dragon’s online stuff.  You’ll be quite impressed with his work.  And I’m proud to say I know him now.  It’s guys like him that make the movies and tv shows we love look great!

So that was RadCon in a nutshell, and I loved it.  It’s my hope that I get to do something like this again and meet people like you all and Dragon Dronet again.  This was truly an enjoyable experience.

Okay, back to writing.  Keep reading, and see you in the Vein!

J. Dean


Greetings, Bearers!

No, I did not forget about my RadCon update, but I do apologize profusely for not making the update.  Between Real Life and switching internet plans, I’ve been a bit thrown off.  But I WILL do the update THIS coming week even if it kills me (And it just might).  Promise.

On a better note, I’ve been  cruising along well with the writing, and want to give a shout out to the MANY people who have made recent purchases of my works, particularly The Summoning of Clade Josso.  It’s always fun to see the first time reactions of the brave souls who venture into the Vein and see what kind of a world awaits them, a place unlike anything else they’ve ever experienced.  So thank you again, and I hope you enjoy the travels through the Vein!

Alright, getting back into gear here.  I will surface soon with more information.  Until then, write on and carry on!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean