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Greetings, all readers (If you’re one of the many Bearers in the Vein universe, I’m not ignoring you.  Promise!)

So as I said in a previous post, I was working on writings that were not only fiction but also nonfiction as well, and I’ve put together something that needed to be addressed with regard to Christianity and the implementation of worship in the church (If this subject does not interest you, you have my permission to skip and peruse my fiction works 😀 ).

I have written a book (in my actual name) entitled Beneficial: Considering the Contemporary Worship Movement, which is now available on both  (in paperback and ebook formats) and (in ebook format only).  As a Christian, and in particular a Christian who spent many years involved “rockin’ for Christ,” I wanted to address this issue, as I truthfully have seen little written about it and believe that a text needs to be put into print that addresses the issue in a fair and honest manner.

Below is a copy of the back cover summary:

For the better part of the past thirty years, the contemporary worship movement has taken the Christian church by storm. It has crossed denominational and congregational lines, replacing hymns, pianos, and organs with praise choruses, guitars, and amplifiers. With a decided, adamant resolution, many of its proponents have set their faces toward seeking musical innovation, relevance, and novelty, all in the name of ushering in a new form of worship.

But does new necessarily mean good?

In this book, Jeremy Aiello evaluates the contemporary worship movement. Drawing from the Scriptures themselves, from respected commentators, and from his own experience of nearly two decades’ worth of involvement in contemporary worship, Jeremy looks at the genesis of contemporary worship, its practical implementation, and the results that can and do stem from its usage, in order to answer the question many have asked in reaction to contemporary worship: “Why?” Drawing from both research and experience, “Beneficial?” analyzes the contemporary worship movement, and calls the church of Jesus Christ to do the same.cowobookcover-copy

Okay.  I’ve said my peace.  I may write more nonfiction in the future (most likely religiously themed).  But in the meantime, more fiction writing now.  If you find this to be an interesting topic, please let me know.

See you in the Vein!
J. Dean (aka Jeremy Aiello 😀 )


Greetings, Bearers (and others)!

You all know me as being pretty much a sci-fi/fantasy author, but today I’d like to talk to you about a different direction I’m taking with my writing.

As I’ve stated before, I’m a Christian, and while I don’t ram Christianity down the throats of others, so to speak, I won’t hide it either.  As a Christian, I take great interest in the so-called “worship wars” of the church, where the discussion between contemporary and traditional advocates centers around what is best for Sunday worship.

This has prompted me to write a book in my “spare time” (HA!) about the topic.  I’ve submitted the book to the Christian Faith Publishing Company, and the good news is that they like the book.  The bad news is that the initial cost of publishing, marketing, and distribution is a bit higher than I can afford at the moment 😦

But there is good news.  I have started a Kickstarter campaign for covering the cost of the book, and I would invite you (especially if music in the church is a topic that interests you) to consider pledging an amount to help me in financing the cost of the book.   Of course, as a thank you, I’ll have a couple of nice offers for those who make pledges.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to quit the fiction genre.  I have too much fun writing in it.  But this is something I take very seriously, and I wanted to add my voice as one of clarity in this current debate about music (something that isn’t always heard from either position on the matter).  As enjoyable as fiction writing is, sometimes we have to switch gears and tackle more serious matters, especially when they can make a real difference for the good of others.

So check out the link below for more information, and please consider helping us out!

I’ll be putting some more updates out soon, both on this and the Vein world, so stay tuned!

See you in (or out of) the Vein!

J. Dean