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Greetings, Bearers!

I have another entry from the Vein compendium, another weapon used in the World of the Vein, this one coming from our beloved Juvan clan.  This one will be first making an appearance in The Summoning of Kran, due out this year.  Enjoy!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

Slipdisc-A slipdisc is a weapon of Juvan origin and is a common item found among many of the inhabitants of Al-Juva, although not all slipdiscs have the same capacities (see variations below).  Though not as rare as other weapons such as Fyryn warblades, slipdiscs are uncommon in the post-war Meridian landscape, and finding one is fortuitous, particularly if the weapon is in perfect working order.


The Juvan slipdisc is, as its name implies, a disc with a diameter and circumference that approximates the area of a Juvan palm in size.  The disc is tucked away into a sleeve which is secured around the user’s wrist with buttons, Velcro-type adhesive material, or (in the cases of lower end variations of the weapon) swaddled strips of cloth.  The sleeve is designed to be concealed beneath long-sleeved attire such as shirts or coats, thus providing the user with the element of surprise should the slipdisc need to be employed in unexpected times of need.  Threaded through the center of the disc is a durable, elastic cord, which prevents the wielder from losing the slipdisc during use.


 The slipdisc is activated by a quick flick of the user’s wrist, which in turn dislodges the disc from its sleeve and triggers the disc’s power core.  This is evidenced by a glow which covers the circumference of the disc itself, allowing the user to know whether or not the weapon is ready for deployment.  The color of this glow varies depending upon the type of slipdisc utilized and the strength and capacity of the core itself (see below).


Once the slipdisc is activated, the wielder uses it primarily (but not exclusively) through a variety of throwing techniques usually intended to bring the disc itself into contact with the intended target, after which the disc can be withdrawn back to the user via manipulation of the cord.  The number of techniques is highly diverse, and can involve anything as simple as an arcing attack (in which the user swings the weapon in a wide, circular arc) or a more complex technique such as a “whipsnap” (in which the user flings the disc straight out and quickly pulls the hand back, thus causing the disc to strike and retract in a manner similar to the tip of a whip).  Use of a slipdisc even with nothing more than minimal proficiency requires a considerable amount of time in practice, as its construction and mechanics make it a weapon of significant complexity.  Although the slipdisc sleeve renders the weapon harmless to its user in terms of power displacement, care must still be used in controlling the disc, as an inexperienced user can still experience self-inflicted bruises (and in some cases fractured bones or even concussions) due to negligent usage.


There are three particular types of slipdiscs.  The first type is a “null” slipdisc, which emits a dull, green glow on its edge.  This disc is more or less a practice disc and can do no real energy-based harm to any Beings it comes into contact with, although it is heavy enough when properly utilized to inflict painful blows due to its weight.  The null slipdisc is used by beginning users and in personal practice sessions.


The second type is the civilian-type slipdisc.  This model is characterized by the white glow on its edge, and can be found in larger models, with discs two to three times larger than the standard-issue disc.  The civilian disc carries an energy charge strong enough to render a Being unconscious, and can even be used to kill another Being should the disc be repeatedly struck against an already unconscious victim (although more advanced users have discovered other means of killing with the weapon through experimenting with different, unorthodox techniques).  This model is available to Juvan civilians in most cities, although some places require a competency test for obtaining one.


The third type is the elite-type slipdisc, available only to members of military and law enforcement.  This type, like the civilian, has different sizes of discs available, but emits an orange (or in some cases red) glow on its edge.  The elite-type slipdisc is the only type which can alternate settings between an attack which renders the target unconscious and an attack which can kill on contact.  Some models of the elite-type (usually military-grade models) also have a bladed edge which establishes them as being used solely for the purpose of taking life, and can also be modified to discharge a laser-type energy, enabling them to cut through some solid objects.