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For writers: one, the only, the man who made me say “I want to write like that!”  Love him or hate him, in my book he is required reading when it comes to the craft of writing.  Check it out! website for author F. Paul Wilson, author of the Repairman Jack series of books. I ever end up being half the writer that Ray Bradbury was, I’ll be ecstatic.  A master of words who could take a few, simple sentences and evoke the greatest of imaginations! won’t lie to you; Mr. Ellison can be racy, harsh, and abrasive, but he’s just as talented, and deserves his place among the best of writers.

Flannery O’Connor-Unfortunately, I’ve yet to locate a website dedicated to Ms. O’Connor as an author, but she’s no less deserving of mention, as her fiction writing about life in the south is worth the read.  It’s a departure for me personally to read, as such literature isn’t my normal cup of tea, but it’s worth taking the time to peruse.  In particular, I recommend her work Wise Blood.

For something more important

The “Young Lutherans”: Boars in the Vineyard, Just and Sinner, Worldview Everlasting, Tabletalk Radio, Pirate Christian Radio,

From the Reformed:  The White Horse Inn, Kim Riddlebarger, Tullian Tchividjian, Ligonier Ministries, Answers in Genesis


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